Romaji Ridipusu
Origin Mega Man X Command Mission (2004)
Alias Rideps, Great/God Redips
Type (Next Generation) Reploid / Maverick
Role Villain, Lawful Neutral, Secret Boss
Home World Earth
Weapon Sabers
Attribute Supra Force Metal
Status Alive
English Voice David Rasner
Michael Shepard(flashbacks, God form)
Japanese Voice Ryoichi Tanaka
Colonel Redips is a strict, bullheaded, disciplinarian Reploid official who is more than willing to throw his allies and innocent people under the bus to continue enforcing his severely strait-laced idea of galactic order.


Redips is something of a megalomaniac with a vision of evolution so large-scale to the point of ruling the universe. Redips' motive for this vision - which ultimately resulted in him becoming Maverick - was actually from his dislike of his fellow Reploids being unwilling to evolve, and because he stubbornly believes such things as friendship, personal feelings and attachments are destructive to one's sense of duty and ability to follow orders, and ultimately his desire to evolve and uphold his perversion of the "greater good" above all else.

Expanding on his personality as depicted in Mega Man X Command Mission, Redips is also shown to be very proud and militant of his harsh moral code of fatalism, believing such dogma must always be followed at all costs, no matter who ends up dying, be they innocent civilians or subordinates and friends of his who defy or disagree with his horribly unfair regulations which indirectly caused much needless deaths and destruction. Much like Destructicus Maximus, he wrongly accuses others of recklessness and disrupting the natural order of things in spite of their far better intentions, and won't hesitate to physically or verbally attack anyone who disobeys or otherwise questions his blind convictions.

God Redips

Using Supra Force Metal, Redips assumes the form of God Redips, who is nearly unstoppable unless the regenerative Supra Force Metal R is removed from his person, canceling his rapid healing and reducing his defenses.

God Redips


  • "Foul Mavericks, you will perish!" - pre battle quote
  • "I am destined to rule!!!" - pre battle quote
  • "I shall rule over all, for I am invincible!" - pre battle quote
  • "Well, send me to hell for trying to educate you fools on the greater morality of foreign policy and blind subordination!"
  • "It is all for my ideal, for Supra Force Metal!"
  • "I would choose even the wanton destruction of innocent life over your blatant defiance of fate, and your use of pure blind luck to justify your playing "God'!!!"
  • "NO!! I cannot listen to someone like you, with your pathetic morals, who does not, and can not comply with the rules!!"
  • "Only the enlightened future generations may decide who is Maverick and who isn't."
  • "I know what is best for good and all, not a bunch of foolish young men and women who waste their energy fighting destiny!"
  • "You seem more Maverick to me!"

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