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Kana レッドXIII
Origin Final Fantasy VII
Type Lion
Role Ally
Age 48 (Teenager by his species standards)
Home World The Planet
Weapon Mythril Clip
Status Alive

Red XIII is an ally found in Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation. He appears in the world The Planet.

Journal Entry

Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation

A red lion capable of speeech.

He was recruited by AVALANCHE to help them on their quest


Kingdom Hearts: A New Generation

When AVALANCHE is chasing after Sephiroth, Red XIII is recruited at the Midgar Slums. He follows the party around. Eventually the party came across a large creature. Red XIII aids in it's defeat, but when it dissolves into the form of Sephiroth, is easily cut down.


Red XIII retains his appearance from Final Fantasy VII. He is a four-legged red lion-lioke creature. He has a black mane, and wears a bronze wristband on each of his legs. He has many strange tattoo markings, and the end of his tail is flaming.


Red XIII has a strong sense of humour and is very courageous. He is highky intelligent, demonstrated by his ability to speak, and knows much about the world. He is polite, curious, and observent, but can be feral and bestial when called upon.

Fighting Style

Red XIII's fighting style is shown briefly during the battle with Gaia Destructor. He attacks with incredible speed and ability, and wears several Headdresses that increase his stats. His abilities are as follows:

  • Sled Fang: Shoots out and punces on an enemy
  • Lunatic high: Increases the party's attack speed and raises Red XIII's defense
  • Blood Fang: Dashes out at an enemy and absorbs some HP and MP
  • Stardust Ray: Ten stars fall from the sky and randomly hit enemies
  • Howling Moon: Increases Red XIII's attack speed and power
  • Earth Rave: Repeatedly rushes at two enemies
  • Cosmo Memory: Summons a giant beam of plasma that deals damage to all enemies

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