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The Red Ogre is a Madsoul boss in Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. It is fought in the Spiderwick Estate when Aros and company first arive in the quarry.


The Red Ogre is a huge, muscular Madsoul with a mostly red coloring on most of its body except for its maroon colored arms and legs. It has a gorilla-like face with two small yellow eyes. Its head is adorned with several twisted horns. Its Madsoul emblem is located in the middle of its chest.


Its attacks consist of mainly punches, stomps and headbutts. At the beginning of the battle, it leaps into the air and causes a shockwave when it hits the ground. This can be dodged by jumping when The Red Ogre lands. The Ogre's weak spot is its face; target it with spells or jump attacks to weaken it. Once its face has taken enough hits, it will collapse, allowing you to land a few combos on its head until it comes to. It will then proceed to punch and kick at you; this can be avoided by dodge-rolling, but will deal large amounts of damage if you are hit. This cycle continues until The Ogre's health bars are completely drained.

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