Reaper's Choice
Reaper's Choice
"A weapon representing the soul at it's purest, it's designed strictly for reverse-grip use and proves unwieldy otherwise."
Strength Magic
+3 +3
Nathaniel Koroshiya, Annaleice Decarion
Arrive at Land of Departure (Nathaniel); Talk to Master Koroshiya (Annaleice)

Reaper's Choice is a Keyblade used primarily by Annaleice Decarion, but it is also usable by Nathaniel Koroshiya, both characters hailing from Kingdom Hearts: Arcana.


Reaper's Choice features three scythe-like blades for the teeth, the topmost one being twice as long as the teeth beneath it. The shaft seems to consist of a Zanpakutō blade reinforcing a scythe shaft. This represents it's owner's Soul Reaper nature, signifying both the sword of his profession and the reputation of Soul Reapers as "death gods". The Keyblade as a whole seems to be designed strictly for reverse grip use, being unwieldy otherwise.

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