200px-Rayman character.jpg
Origin Rayman (1995)
Role Ally
Age Unknown
Home World The Glade of Dreams
Weapon Fists
Status Alive

Rayman, from The Glade of Dreams, is a strange creature summoned by Betilla the Fairy and her nymph sisters to protect The Glade of Dreams. Rayman has had many adventures and has defeated many enemies. Now though, his world has been invaded by Robot-Pirates and he is fighting to defeat them.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Summoned by Betilla the Fairy to defend The Glade of Dreams, Rayman has vigilantly carried out his job, having defended it for many years. Now, however, Robot-Pirates have invaded his world, he and everyone in his world has been imprisoned and Admiral Razorbeard - an ally of Maleficent - rules with an iron fist.

Second Entry

Rayman is a strange creature; protector of the Glade of Dreams, it is his job to keep it safe. Now, however, he had been trapped by the Robot-Pirates who have enslaved everyone in his world. With Riku's help, he was able to escape and is now on his way to defeat Admiral Razorbeard and free his world.

Third Entry

Formerly imprisoned, Rayman has managed to escape from his imprisonment and, with Riku's help, is on his way to defeat Admiral Razorbeard; havng been reunited with his friend, Globox, and having received a new power from Ly the Fairy, Rayman is ready to defend his world and return it to it's former glory.

Fourth Entry

Rayman, having freed his friends and having restored the Heart The World, has only one task left: defeat Admiral Razorbeard. This, however, will not be easy as the Pirate Captain is an ally of Maleficent and has many Heartless under his command. With the help of Riku, Rayman may have a chance to defeat Razorbeard and restore his world. But, can he do it?

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