Rayd (KH: Ultima)
Age 17
Title none
Occupation Friend of Zephyr
Family unknown Parents
Gender Male
First appearance KH: Ultima
Original name None

Rayd is a young boy who grew up in Legend Village, along with Zephyr and Anima. 

He, along with Zephyr, Stood up for Anima when she was being bullied by Obsid, who Rayd called a "Stupid Palooka".


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Mephilian Invasion

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Ending up in Radiant Gardens

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Sacrifice to save Zephyr and Anima

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A Spirits Speech

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He is usually quiet most of the time, though he is very intelligent for his age group. When he does talk, he usually keeps his sentences short and simple, which can lead to some strange "One liners".

the reason for his quietnes is because he is ratheer unsure of himself, when alone, and often does not talk anymore than he feels he needs to. But he can be a chatterbox when Zephyr is around, probally because he knows that Zephyr will back him up if need be.

Notes and Trivia

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