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Kana ラクサド (Rakusādo)
Original Name none
Type Heartless
Role Villan
Home World Unknown
Weapon Darkatana
Attribute Darkness, Fire, Thunder
Status Alive

Raxard is the one of the villains set to appear in Kingdom Hearts Legacy.


Raxard's appearance is almost a mirror to Xashowd's. Their physical appearance is the same, but there are differences in hair color, clothing, etc. He has silver hair and blazing Amber eyes. He wear a silver cloak that is parted down the middle to reveal his midsection and the Heartless symbol on his chest (It's in the same place as Ansem the Dark's). He wears black pants, silver shoes and gloves, and his belt is similar to Xashowd's.


Originally known as Draar (meaning "One who walks in the Shadows". It was the name given to him by The Enigma),Raxard is the name that Xashowd's Heartless has taken. Like Xashowd, he was created differently from most Heartless, and as such has no memory of his past life. After running from his place of creation, he did what most Heartless do for a few days, steal the heart of others. His intelligence rapidly grew until he had the same intellect as Xashowd, and he began to seek a purpose. He was eventually found by a man known as "The Enigma", who brought him to a guild of expert assassins known as the Silencers , and lived with them for many years, occasionally crossing swords with Xashowd during that time (After losing the first battle, he changes his name to Raxard as a sign of resolve and because of what he (and Xashowd) learned in that battle). Raxard has recently been hired by Lord Kami, not knowing that he will take part in a battle to determine the fate of the worlds.


Raxard's personality is similar to Xashowd's in some ways, but he is very different in others. Unlike Xashowd, Raxard cares little for human lives, and thinks nothing of taking one. He also enjoys fighting, and will take on any opponent, often while smiling. He is often hot-headed, and has a short temper, but he can keep his cool if required. Raxard also shows little respect for authority, even to high ranking assassins in his own guild.


Raxard's main weapon is his Darkatana, which is his version of Xashowd's Masamune. He also has a pouch with an infinite supply of Kunai.



Distance Cutter- See Xashowd/Abilities AP Cost:2

Upper Slash- See Xashowd/Abilities AP Cost:3

Slicer Zero- See Xashowd/Abilities AP Cost:4

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Winder Slash
Raxard targets an opponent, homes in on them, and executes a combo. Equipping Combo Pluses increases the strength of the attack.
STR + 5 for every Combo Plus equipped
Sonic Blade
20 per use
Raxard rockets across the field, striking all enemies in his path. Can be chained endlessly as long as Raxard has sufficient MP.
25 per attack.
Air Sonic
25 per use
Raxard leaps into the air and continuously slashes his sword, firing blasts of air at enemies. Can be chained endlessly as long as Raxard has sufficient MP. Raxard can target a different opponent each turn during this attack.
30 per attack

Spin Drive- See Xashowd/Abilities AP Cost:3

Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Endgame (Final Zero)
The first half of Raxard's devastating Endgame attack. Raxard Slices through an opponent at high speed four times, then warps above the center of the field and dives down, creating a massive shockwave that heavily damages surrounding enemies.
Main Attack:100 Shockwave:50


Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Raxard summons Dark meteors to attack enemies. This attack affects all enemies on the field and lasts 3 turns.
15 per turn.
Dark Maelstrom
Raxard Summons 3 pillars of dark energy that rotate around him for 3 turns, damaging enemies that physically attack him during that time. Raxard is incapable of any other action while this attack is in effect.
30 to enemies that physically attack him.
Bolt Wave
10 per bolt
Raxard summons vertical bars of lightning that slide across the field at enemies.
Magna Storm
Raxard summons a giant orb of lightning energy which shoots out four rotating tendrils that damage up to four enemies on the field for 5 turns. After that, Raxard tosses the orb at a random enemy, which creates a shockwave that damages surrounding enemies. Raxard becomes incapable of any other action during this time.
20 per turn. Magna Orb deals 50 damage. Shockwave deals 25.
Volcanic Rising
Raxard creates pillars of fire that shoot up from the ground and randomly attack an opponent for 7 turns.
20 per turn
Flight of the Phoenix
Raxard enchants his sword with fire and flies around the field in a manner similar to Cloud's Omnislash, randomly attacking an opponent for 5 turns. Raxard becomes immune to physical attacks and is incapable of any other action during this time.
50 per turn
Endgame (Blazing Mayhem)
The second part of Raxard's devastating Endgame attack. Raxard creates a giant fireball that rains down smaller ones on all enemies in the area for 10 turns. After that, the orb creates a massive explosion that heavily damages all enemies in the area.
40 per turn. Endgame Blast deals 100 damage.
Dark Heal
Raxard absorbs one of his summoned Heartless and recovers his health by 1/2 of the absorbed Heartless' total HP.


Combo Plus x 3- AP Cost:1 per C.P.

Combo Boost- AP Cost:3

Air Combo Plus x 3- AP Cost:1 per A.C.P

Air Combo Boost- AP Cost:3

Berserk Charge- When Raxard's HP < 30%, he blows away surrounding enemies with a gust of wind, then an aura of power forms around him that increases his Str and Speed by 1.25x. Ap Cost:4

Warp- Raxard quickly creates a portal that allows him to warp around the battlefield and dodge enemy attacks. MP Cost is relative to level (As he gains strength, warping gets easier) MP Cost: Lv.5-20=10 MP per warp, Lv.21-50=5 MP, Lv.51-90=1 MP, Lv.91+= 0 MP.

Fire Boost- Increases the power of Fire-based attacks by 1.25x. AP Cost:4

Thunder Boost- Increases the power of Thunder-based attacks by 1.25x. AP Cost:5

Darkness Boost- Increases the power of Darkness-based attacks by 1.25x. AP Cost:4

Heartless Summon

Raxard can summon various Heartless to aid him in battle. He can summon up to two of one kind at a time, though some are so powerful that he can only summon one atatime, or even per battle (Ex: Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn, Orcus, Etc.)

NOTE: The Heartless Raxard summons are very different from other Heartless. For one thing, they grant EXP like other Heartless, but it is a set amount. Another, more important, thing of note is that they do NOT drop HP Orbs, MP Orbs, Munny, or special items. Raxard can also summon only one type of Heartless at a time, meaning he cannot summon a Neoshadow and a Xenoshadow at the same time.


Raxard's basic Heartless Summon, they fight using close range attacks.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Shadow Claw
The NeoShadow's basic attack.
STR x 1
Dark Spiral
The NeoShadow dives into the ground for one turn, making it immune to attacks, then leaps up and attacks the closest opponent in a manner similar to a buzzsaw.
STR x 3

MP Cost:10 per Neoshadow


Large spherical Heartless that Raxard can summon to aid him in battle. They are very unpredictable, randomly attacking any opponent on the field.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
The Darkball's basic attack.
STR x 1
The Darkball attacks 3 opponents at random, dealing regular damage.
STR x 1

MP Cost: 20 per Darkball

Bit Sniper

Small Heartless that float around the battlefield. They attack from afar using minor lazer shots.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
The Bit Sniper's basic attack. It can hit enemies even at a distance.
STR x 1

MP Cost:15 per Bit Sniper


Powerful Heartless that attack from the skies. They are quite intelligent, and often attack the weakest opponent.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Dark Slash
The Invisible's basic attack
STR x 1
The Invisible plunges its sword into the ground and vanishes, making it immune to attacks. A ring of flame then appears around a random enemy and circles them for 3 turns. On the third turn the ring strikes the enemy, dealing damage. The Invisible then reappears and is no longer immune to damage.
STR x 2

MP Cost:50 per Invisible

Gigant Shadow

Large versions of the standard Shadow Heartless, they are more powerful than most Heartless. Raxard can only summon one Gigant Shadow to the field at a time.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Gigant Claw
The Gigant Shadow's basic attack.
STR x 1

MP Cost:65


Larger versions of the NeoShadow, they are even more powerful than the Gigant Shadows. Raxard can only summon one NovaShadow to the field at a time.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Nova Slash
The NovaShadow's basic attack.
STR x 1
Nova Wave
The NovaShadow attacks an enemy from above with a powerful blow that creates a shockwave that damages nearby enemies.
Attack:STR x 1 Shockwave: STR x 0.5

MP Cost:75


The enhanced version of the Neoshadow. Xenoshadows are very intelligent Heartless that can read enemy attacks and adapt to suit their needs. Unlike other Heartless, Xenoshadows don't react only based on instinct, but can think and plan like Nobodies. Like Heartless, they serve who they believe is strongest.


Xenoshadow are similar in appearance to Neoshadows, only they stand straighter, their heads are more triangular, and instead of a pair of antennae, they have three hair-like tendrils that extend from the back of their heads. These tendrils are tipped with razor-sharp points, and can extend beyond their normal length to attack enemies from afar, though they are not adverse to close-range combat. Some Xenoshadows have gained the ability to speak telepathically, and can speak with other beings.

Xenoshadow View 1

The Xenoshadow

Xenoshadow View 2

A better look at its head

Xenoshadow Final - Zero

The final render of my completed Xenoshadow





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Slash Roller
The Xenoshadow's basic attack.
STR x 1
The Xenoshadow spins around in a circle, swinging its hair-like antennae at all the enemies on the field.
STR x 0.5
Phantom Hold
The Xenoshadow targets an opponent and grabs it with its hair-like antennae, holding it in place and absorbing its HP for 3 turns. Both parties are incapable of action during this time.
5 HP per turn

MP Cost:100 per Xenoshadow

Shadow Stalker

A more powerful version of the Darkball, the Shadow Stalker can posses inanimate objects and attack opponents with them. Raxard can only summon one per battle.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Dark Pulse
The Shadow Stalker's basic attack, it attacks with a pulse of energy that damages 3 nearby enemies.
STR x 0.5
Weapon Possession
The Shadow Stalker possesses a random opponent's weapon and steals it for 3 turns, making the wielder of the weapon unable to use it. The Shadow Stalker then attacks a random enemy each turn until the possession wears off.
STR x 1
Phantom Uprising
The Shadow Stalker melds with the ground for 5 turns, making it immune to physical attacks. It then randomly attacks an enemy with a burst of dark energy each turn.
50 per turn

MP Cost:150

Dark Thorn

The evolved version of the Shadow Stalker, it attacks with its claws and by ramming opponents. Raxard rides atop this Heartless when it is summoned. Raxard can only summon one Dark Thorn per battle, and only if the Shadow Stalker was previously summoned.





Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Dark Rush
The Dark Thorn's basic attack.
STR x 1
Spiral Rush
The Dark Thorn spins around wildly for 3 turns, damaging a random enemy and dealing damage to any enemy that physically attacks it during that time. After the attack is over, Raxard and the Dark Thorn become Dazed, and are incapable of action for 1 turn.
50 to both the attacked enemy and to enemies that physically attack Raxard or the Dark Thorn.
Great Roar
The Dark Thorn looses a loud roar that knocks away all enemies, making them incapable of physically attacking Raxard and the Dark Thorn for 2 turns.

MP Cost: 200


A more powerful version of the Invisible, these large Heartless are also smarter than their dark cousins. They are so powerful, that Raxard can only summon one per battle, and only if an Invisible was previously summoned.




Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Dark Blade
The Orcus' basic attack.
STR x 1
Wave Sword
The Orcus tosses its blade into the air and sends it at all enemies in the area, dealing damage.
STR x 0.75
Great Curse
The Orcus vanishes and creates a ring of dark energy around all enemies in the area. After 3 turns, the Orcus re-appears and the rings implode, dealing heavy dark damage.
STR x 1.5

MP Cost: 125


Raxard's version of Ansem the Dark's Guardian Heartless. When Raxard summons this Heartless, his fighting style changes drastically.


The Phantasm Heartless is essentially a mutant version of the Pokemon known as Darkrai. It's body is a dark blood-red color, with black spikes surrounding the neck area and billowing black smoke for hair. It's glowing eyes are silver, and it's mouth has razor-sharp triangular teeth, similar to the Spider-man character named Venom. It has a small Heart-shaped hole in it's waist.

Phantasm Sprite

A Sprite of Raxard's Phantasm

General Stats

HP:Same as Raxard. (Ex: Raxard's HP=150 >> Phantasm's HP=150)




Ability AP Cost MP Cost Description Damage
Phantom Claw
The Phantasm's basic attack, it slashes an enemy with an extended claw. This attack can hit enemies even from a distance.
STR x 1

Phantom of Despair

World Forms

Halloween Town: Raxard's skin turns completely black, his fingers become claws, and his eyes become all yellow, like other Heartless. Aside from the antennae, he essentially gains the appearance of a Neoshadow. His Heartless Symbol disappears, as his appearance speaks for itself.

Pride Lands: Raxard turns into a silver Lion with a spiky mane. His Heartless Symbol can be seen on his forehead.



  • "You again...Don't you know how to knock, Mr. Enigma?"


Before Battle

  • "Out of my way!" (General Battles)
  • "Tell me...Can a Nobody feel fear?" (When fighting a Nobody/LLPPR member)
  • "I will never lose to you again!" (When fighting Xashowd)
  • "Let's see if you're worth the bounty on your miserable head."

During Battle

  • "I shall set you ablaze!" (When using Volcanic Rising)
  • "You will be destroyed, never to return!" (When using Flight of the Phoenix)
  • "Begone into the Darkness!"
  • "Come to me..." (When Summoning a Heartless into battle)
  • "Lend me your power!" (When using Dark Heal)
  • "Prepare to meet your end!" (When using Endgame:Final Zero)
  • "All shall burn in the flames of HELL!!!" (When using Endgame:Blazing Madness)

After Battle


  • "Face it, you had no chance." (General Battles)
  • "No worthless shell can defeat me." (When fighting a Nobody/LLPPR member)
  • "Finally...The victory is MINE!" (When fighting Xashowd)


  • "Urg...I should be stronger than this..." (General Battles)
  • "I can't believe it...Beaten by Nothing..." (When fighting a Nobody/LLPPR member)
  • "No...I won't let it end this way!" (When fighting Xashowd)


Like with Xashowd, I've found a few songs that fit Raxard for certain occasions.

Normal Theme: None yet

Battle Theme 1: Devour by Shinedown

Battle Theme 2: Thunderhorse by Dethklok

Boss Theme 1: Vanitas Battle

Why I chose the songs:

Devour works with Raxard because it is fast paced, and has a consistent beat. Thunderhorse is very similar, and it's more BGM than song (words are spoken, but it's only a few, and it's largely repetitive). Vanitas battle is his standard boss music (For when he fights/is fought by La Lutte, Aiden, or any other character during the storyline), because it has a nice beat to it that in my mind, just fits him well. It won't be the song for the three fights against him near the end of the game, though. I plan on someday creating songs for those specific battles. Same with the normal theme.

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