Rapunzel is the long lost princess daughter of the Sun Kingdom in the world Hair Tower.

Origin Tangled (2010)
Role Alternate Princess Of Heart,
Home World Hair Tower

She is one of the seven alternate princesses of heart needed to forge the DTD and X-Blade to open Kingdom Hearts and was originally from Walt Disney's 2010 3D Animated motion picture Tangled.

She is not encountered in her homeworld despite it's visitation as she has already been abducted by Hayner, Maleficent and Master Xehanort and assembled in the Keyblade Graveyard.

She appears in the final battle with the other abducted seven alternate princesses of heart conjuring up a collective force of pure light which then soon summons the original seven princesses of heart.

She appears in Kingdom Hearts: Eclipse and is voiced by Mandy Moore who had served as the voice for Yuffie from Final Fantasy who recurringly appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series and who had served as the voice for the princess in the film to which the character originates from.

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