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The Raksum (ラックサム, Rakkusamu) are a species of humanoid organisms in Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos, with limited shape-shifting powers.


Raksum aren't born alive, but hatched in egg sacs that grow when a Raksum Seed is planted. A cluster of egg sacs is called a Raksum Nest and if many Raksum Nests are growing together, they will form a Raksum Hive.

Although thousands of eggs are growing at a time, there aren't many Raksum alive because it takes fifteen years for an egg to hatch, and even then only ten percent of them learn to shapeshift; the rest get stuck in the first form they assume, due to undernourishing. After some training to the survivors, the select few leave the nest (or hive) and either find work and blend into the other humans or live the life of a hermit.

Death Ceremony

When a Raksum dies, the Death Ceremony is preformed by another Raksum who was very close to the deceased. During the Death Ceremony, the Canun (the name for the Raksum close to the deceased; ancient Labyrinthian for "friend") places their hand on the chest (or for females, the lower torso, for obvious reasons). The energy of the deceased transfers to the Canun, leaving behind a single Raksum Seed, which is now the property of the Canun. It is the Canun's responsibility to plant that seed, which will then grow into a Raksum Nest. Some Canuns don't have the heart to give up the seed, so they keep it. That seed and the Canun's seed is transferred to the Canun's Canun, in the event of the original Canun's death.


When Raksum are "born", they immediately learn to use their shapeshifting powers from an elder member of their species; they all have hidden ablilities. However, their shapeshifting powers are very limited, only able to do simple things, such as changing their hair color or shifting the shape of their hands. Besides that, some Raksum possess elemental abilities, but this trait is rare.


Raksum have very little rights and so they often disguise themselves as humans permanently. On the Isle of the Labyrinth they are usually reguarded as nothing more than animals.


All Raksum are born with silver hair but they can change it at will.


  • Siren: A rare Raksum that has powers involving their voice. It is a power that only female Raksum have the chance of being a Siren. The chances of a female having this power are 100 to 1, making them exceedingly rare
  • Elementals: Some Raksum are born with elemental powers that come with a random set of skills. These are less rare than Sirens, but are still uncommon.
  • Normals: Regular Raksum, with minor shape-shifting powers.


  • The species name comes from the word Rakisumi which is ancient Labyrinthian for "shapeshifter".
  • Many members of the Forgotten Revolt are Raksum.
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