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Rainbow Blade
Strength Magic

Rainbow Blade


  • Alex got the Rainbow Blade, by doing stuff to get it.
  • To get The Light part, Alex had to Fight Darkness with a stick.
  • To get The Fire part, Alex had to Feed The lava.
  • To get The Water part, Alex had to feed Fish and help them.
  • To get The Wind part, Alex had to Help the Birds with food and eggs.
  • To get The Earth part, Alex had to help Birds Fish Wildlife With food Water and homes.
  • To get The Ice part, Alex had to live in the Cold and snow.
  • To get The Stone part, Alex had to help make a home out of stone.
  • To get The Lighting part, Alex had to be hit by it.
  • To get The Dark part, Alex had to feel Darkness.


The Rainbow Blade can be used from far away. With the power of Wind, Fire, Holy, Lighting. The Rainbow Blade can Talk to Alex.

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