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Rain Fall
(レインフォール Rein Fōru)
"Forged from Malkuth's grand waterfall.
It can slash with the speed of a water jet."
Strength Magic
+4 +4
Ice Blast
Clear Grand Chokmah on Auldrant

Rain Fall is a Keyblade wielded by Flintlass in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. It is obtained by clearing Grand Chokmah on Auldrant. It is later wielded by Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep; however, following the events of Birth by Sleep, possession of the Rain Fall reverts to Flintlass.


The Rain Fall's color scheme consists of various grays and blues, similar to Aqua's armor. The hilt is silver and is separated from the shaft, while the teeth jut out in a rounded fashion. The Keychain at the end of the blade is a water drop, consistent with Aqua's "water" theme.


Rain Fall's Ice Blast (アイスブラスト, Aisu Burasuto) ability allows the Keyblade to be coated in a thick layer of ice after using an Aero-type spell; as Flintlass strikes, the ice breaks off and fly towards her enemies. It is named after one of Aqua's Command Styles.

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