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Rai and Sai
Kana ライとサイ (Rai to Sai)
Role Antagonists
Home World TBA
Weapon Nightshade (Rai)
Shadow Gear (Sai)
"Our hearts have been given darkness and what fate gives us is given to be used. Therefore we use darkness!"
—Rai and Sai before their final battle

Rai and Sai are characters in Kingdom Hearts Academy. They are inseparable twins who relentlessly bully Anubis and his friends.


On the first day of school after Headmaster Eliezer's welcome speech, the duo attacks, defeats a human-appearing Anubis, and yanks of the blindfold responsible for the charade. As they walk away they say his heart is weak. They attack again when they see he has rid himself of the blindfold, however lose with Laius at Anubis' side.

The twins share Melee, Magic, and World Exploration with Anubis, Laius, and Kayla. During a trip to Destiny Islands, the trio talk about sharing Paopu Fruit and are then attacked by the duo for "believing such a childish fairy tale". After defeat, Rai and Sai return to the rest of the class. When Master Brendan summons the door to the Omnis Room, he proceeds to take head count. When he questions the absence of the protagonists, the brothers reply that the trio already went through. Later when the latter returns, Rai and Sai provoke Anubis and Laius into a match at the arena. When the battle occurs, it ends in the duo's favor. As they exit, they say that their opponents' hearts have become as weak as they were on the first day of school.


As the rest off the school fights of the Heartless, Rai&Sai intervene in Anubis and Kayla's search for Laius. When the duo is defeated, it is revealed that they are heartless in a "human shell". They were once a single person known as Kuragari who was once Master Djauxs' apprentice. The latter split his apprentice's heart in two halves which were then each put into a special synthetic body that would hide the darkness. Over time the halves were eaten up by darkness as Laius' soon would and the bodies became puppets for Kuragari's twin Heartless. Their recent defeat caused the bodies to break and reveal their Heartless form and attack again. After their true demise, Kuragari's twin Nobodies appeared and took on the protagonists. They also lost thus producing the complete being of Kuragari. The Nightshade and Shadow Gear are never seen again, instead, Kuragari's true Keyblade, the Apocalypse Mechanism comes into play. Nevertheless he loses which then causes him to destroy himself and "return to the cycle of darkness to await a vengeful return".


The duo are as cold hearted as Master Djauxs becomes, if not worse. Giving Keyblade bearers a bad reputation, they only think of themselves and will do anything to be satisfied.


The twins have dark brown skin and straight brown hair that's even darker. Their eyes mimic those of Master Djauxs. They wear the standard male uniform: A black shirt and boots, a blue tie and pants and a long white coat. They violate the dress code by wearing an orange neckerchief.

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