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Quintus Ulysses
Type Human
Role Apprentice of the Order of the Key
Age 15
Home World Radiant Gardens (native to Traverse Town)
Weapon "Return of the King" Keyblade
Attribute Air

Quintus Ulysses is a character from Kingdom Hearts: Enigma Pacman who was brought into the Order of the Key when he was fourteen. He is quite cheerful and eager to learn, but always thinks about possible consequences before he jumps into a battle... well, most of the time. He is an Air natural, who uses gusts of wind and "Wind Razors" to battle the newly emerged Primal Fears. His Keyblade "Return of the King" looks like a bladed version of the Kingdom Key with a reverse handle. His Magic Drive "Aero-Form" allows him to perform powerful air slicing and wind combos.


Quintus was born in Traverse Town, roughly sixteen years after the events of Kingdom Hearts Legacy. At the age of thirteen, he discovered his ability to wield a Keyblade, but he could not control it. When the Primal Fears started showing up, a mysterious man called Omicron came to his parents' house and offered him the opportunity to be trained among other Keybearers to fight the new threat. He agreed, and soon he found himself in Lock's Fortress in the Radiant Garden. He teamed up with No. 8 - Lea and was trained among nineteen others, the Order of the Key.


  • Aerial Sweep: When near an enemy within height of a jump, Quintus leaps into the air and swings his Keyblade in a circular rising motion, damaging enemies and pulling near to them. (air combo starter)
  • Guard: Quintus raises his Keyblade and guards against attacks.
  • Guard Counter: Repels the force of an attack back at the enemy.
  • Aero Slicer: Finishing move, hits enemies with the force of wind.
  • Combo Plus: Adds one additional hit to Quintus's combo.
  • Air Combo Plus: (x2) Adds one additional hit to Quintus's air combo.
  • Auto-Limit: Always performs Limit Break automatically when HP gauge starts flashing red.
  • Ragnarok (Limit Break): A flurry of air combos which ends with a laser burst. Deals Light-elemental based magic damage.

Aero-Drive Abilities

  • Aero Slicer+: Hits enemies with additional force, deals wind damage.
  • All Air Combo: blocks ground combos, every first hit initiates an air combo.
  • Pressure Wave Drive: Hits enemies with air pressure and stuns them. (finisher)
  • Air Combo Plus: (x3) Adds one hit to every air combo.


  • "You bastards!" (finisher)
  • "Get OFF!" (finisher)
  • "My turn!" (potion)
  • "This - will -show -YOU!" (every hit of Limit Break)
  • "Here GOES!!!" (Limit Break finisher)
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