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Queen Elinor
Queen Elinor
Kana エリノア王妃
Romaji Erinoa Ouhi
Japanese エリノア王妃
Origin Toy Story: That Time Forgot
Original Name Queen Elinor
Type Human monarch
Role Ally/Supporting Character
Age ?
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Home World Great Britain
Other residences Castle Altair (Final Fantasy II)
Family King Fergus (husband), Princess Merida (daughter), Harris, Hubert & Hamish the triplets (sons)
Weapon Bow (although she uses it in battle of the Heartless)
English Voice Emma Thompson
Japanese Voice Tomoko Shiota (塩田朋子)

Queen Elinor from Brave is the supporting character of KH: ITHOTCR. When Keyblade warriors are sent to another dimension via time compression, she meets them, and they refer to her as "Your Majesty" and "Her Majesty.".

  • To Lumene/Umbrae: You are welcome.
  • To Maleficent: Leave my child alone!

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