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Type Trancendent entity
Role unbiased hazard
Family Ild brother
Weapon Will
Attribute Chaos
Status Chaotic

all that is known about the Mysterious little girl known as Quasid, is that she appeared in the universe at the same time as Ild.


The little girl was a transcendent entity like her brother and while trying to discover the nature of her existence allowed chaos to enter her heart,turning her into a personification of the element.


Quasid's appearance is always preceded by the presence of a strange mist. from this mist the glowing silhouette of a little girl,(about 12 in physical appearance) can be seen.


she is the embodiment of Chaos and in that sense she is the antithesis to Ild, however her powers go far beyond his. she is omnipotent, there is no limmit to the things she can cause however she dose not have any control over her powers and has no logic to guide her. the only choice she can make in life is weather to do something (which could be anything) or nothing. she is usually in the realm of darkness doing nothing however she will occasionally cause mayhem out of boredom. most of them are fixed via the time magic of Eos

Choice Disasters

  1. changed the past so that sora walked into the room while kairi was huggingmaking out with riku/ansem.
  2. brought all of organization XIII back to life and traped them in a box with sephiroth and cloud
  3. gave paupu fruit the quality of an aphrodisiac.
  4. traped auroun in the hundred acer wood.
  5. Turned the gore setting on high.

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