Pteranodon Dinozord
Pteranodon dinozord by chipmunkraccoon2-d8ogu1g
Kana 守護獣プテラノドン
Romaji Shugojū Puteranodon
Japanese Guardian Beast Pteranodon
Origin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)
Original Name Pterodactyl Dinozord
Type Pteranodon/Mecha
Role Summon
Home World Neverland
Attribute Wind
English Voice Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Japanese Voice Emi Shinohara

Pteranodon Dinozord is the Dinozord of Wind piloted by Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink Ranger). She was originally known as Pterodactyl Dinozord in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As Alvin uses the Windglitter Gem to summon her, Jeanette joins in the battlefield.


When Pteranodon Dinozord is summoned with the power of wind, she emerges from Belch Mountain, the volcano of Neverland. She is the only one with flying abilities, her flight speed can go as high as Mach 2.5. She emits her Ptera Beam (プテラビーム, Putera Bīmu) from her wings.


Action Quotes

  • "Power of Wind! Pteranodon Dinozord!"
    upon being summoned
  • "Ptera Beam!"
    when using Ptera Beam


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