Prydain is a world featured in Kingdom Hearts Legacy. It Is A Large Field Land overseen by a large hulking pitch black Castle

Origin The Black Cauldron
Stories Kingdom Hearts Legacy
Party Member
Princess Eilonwy,

belonging to the realm's primary antagonist The Horned King.

It Features the Primary Protagonist Taran, Next-D Seven Princesses Eilonwy One Of Nine Legacy Pieces.

It is Based on the 1985 Walt Disney Animated Classic The Black Cauldron and Chronicles Of Prydain Novella Series.


Traveller's Meadow

Aiden, Saule, Xaelus, Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey, Queen Minnie and Dale Descend via the Gummi Ship in a strange topsy-turvy world appearing mostly black and shrowded in shadows.

They crash ship after a sudden magnetic pull from the strange castle of the world attempts to pull them in.

Upon Awakening Aiden awakes in a field with Xaelus beside him and no sign of Donald, Goofy, King and Queen Mouse and Saule.

They then are attacked by appearing Heartless of the Keyhole world and spot a strange rock cabin over the descending hill.

Descending Hill

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