Charles Xavier
Professor X.jpeg
Origin The X-Men #1 (September 1963)
Alias Professor X, Chuck
Type Human / Mutant
Role Ally
Home World Earth
Attribute Telepathy
Status Alive
English Voice Patrick Stewart

Professor Charles Xavier is the mentor, founder, and father figure of the X-Men, who has the ability to read and control minds. He is also the creator of Cerebro, which tracks individuals carrying the mutant gene. While running a private school in upstate New York in order to both shelter and train mutants from around the globe, Xavier also fights to serve the greater good by promoting peaceful coexistence and equality between humans and mutants in a world where often zealous anti-mutant bigotry is widespread.

With the Demonizer causing widespread havoc to undo his work, Professor X gives Riku the X-Factor Keyblade and plays a role in getting his old friend Magneto back on the side of justice.

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