Professor Eros
Professor Eros
Kana エロ Ero
Original Name Eros Tarwood
Alias Eros
Type Human
Role Ally
Age 69
Home World Sandgem Town
Family Lucas (grandson)
Weapon N/A
Attribute Knowledge
Status Alive

Professor Eros is an intelligent scientist that lives in Sandgem Town with his grandson Lucas. He leads his own labatory of research, now about the keyblades and the unknown creatures.


Eros appears in Sandgem Town with a major role. He has been studying the keyblades carefully with his friend Dr. Checko in Sandgem for three years. He gives Lucas his own keyblade and says goodbye when Joyeux and Lucas leave Sandgem to find her friends.


Eros is old and wrinkly in appearance. He has round belly and is usually seen wearing his labcoat. The only time he's not seen with the labcoat is at the beginning of the game. He sparkly white hair and a bushy moustache which covers his mouth. He wears what he calls "My lucky copper-coin shoes!". He has pale white skin and bear brown eyes, plus a prudent nose.


He [Eros] as a diverse personality. He is called insane and deranged by many, but intelligent and a genius by others. He calm, peaceful, and thoughtful, although he can get quick to anger when Checko rejects his ideas for technology.

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