Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
Original Name Disgaea
Alias Blue Penguin
Type Prinny
Role Secret Character
Home World Netherworld
Weapon Knives
Attribute Fire
Status Dead

Prinnies are characters of the Disgaea series, and in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, being forced by their master, Laharl, to come along and to help Allen on his exploration of the Netherworld.



Most Prinnies are born when a Demon dies in the Netherworld; their soul is reborn as a Prinny. Then, they are forced to work under the Overlord until they have repaid their debts and sins as a Demon. Only then can they be freed from their Prinny bodies, perhaps to be reborn again.

((Actually, Prinnies are the souls of both Humans and demons, you fuckwit.))

Start of the New Life

Prinnies have almost no impact on the story, but can only be recruited on the first visit to the planet.

Swarm of Chaos

The Prinny(ies) die when the Netherworld is destroyed.


Prinnies have the appearance of a normal blue penguin, with a pouch at their front.


Prinnies are very lazy and enjoy shirking their work. They usually have their own personalities from their Demon personas, minus the violent tendencies. However, when the going gets tough, Prinnies stick together and fight their way out of sticky situations.


Prinnies are secret characters. If found behind the Overlord Castle, they can be recruited if these actions are done before leaving the planet:

  • Have Allen fight 50 enemies
  • Save the game
  • Go behind the castle again and save, again
  • When loading, the prinny will ask if he can join you; say yes, and he can join. (Saying no will result in the permanent loss of the character.)

Powers and Abilities


Prinnies have low fighting experience, but use their knives found in their pouch for fighting.


Prinnies can throw themselves at enemies to cause explosive damage.

Fighting Style

Prinnies fight by using their knives and have extreme fire capabilities.


  • Prinny, dood!