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Princess Sally
Princess Sally
Original Name Sally Alicia Acorn
Alias Princess of Knothole Village
Type Brown squirrel/Somebody
Role Protagonist
Age 17
Home World Mobius
Family Maximillian Acorn (father); Alicia Acorn (mother); Elias Acorn (brother); Megan Acorn (sister-in-law); Alexis Acorn (niece); Joss (father-in-law)
Weapon None
Attribute None
Status Alive

Princess Sally is a protagonist featured in Heroes From An Old World, serving as the Princess of Knothole Village in the Western Forests.


Princess Sally is a brown squirrel with blue eyes, a tanned part of brown fur on her chest, and a tuft of darker brown fur on her head. She has a light blue vest and blue boots, but that is her only usual attire.

Heroes From An Old World Plot Signifance

Princess Sally first appeared in Chapter 12 whenever Alexis, Hood, Soul, Shackles, and Hyper Metal Sonic all arrived at Knothole Village via bi-plane. Once they arrived, Princess Sally somewhat informally greeted the five, and she welcomed them into Knothole Village. She is also apparently trying to figure out where Sonic the Hedgehog is, as he had been missing for an unknown amount of time. While discussing the situation with the group, Antoine and Bunnie appeared, also discussing the same topic.

She wasn't seen again until Chapter 14, whenever she was mentioned having put Alexis, Hood, Soul, Shackles, and Hyper Metal Sonic inside a meeting room to wait while she discussed the strange explosion that happened across the Great Divide not too long ago. Sally was discussing this with Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor, Sonia, and Manic about the strange explosion, as well as Sonic's whereabouts. Ray quickly arrived to tell them about the rising smoke, and Sally decides to have Alexis's group investigate the explosion for traces of Sonic's whereabouts.

Princess Sally was mentioned by Alexis, Hood, Soul, Shackles, and Hyper Metal Sonic whenever they needed to explain their purposes to other people, but Sally wasn't truly seen again in the flesh until Chapter 21, whenever Alexis was giving his testimony about Scourge and Scourge's partners-in-crime. Sally appeared in the stands, watching the testimony and also showing great disdain at having the trial prolonged because of new witnesses and possible new evidence conjoured uip by the efforts of Prosector Kryden and Defense Attorney Toddtoad.


  • Princess Sally's species is actually a cross-breed between chipmunks and squirrels.

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