Prince John
Origin Robin Hood (1973)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Nottingham
Family King Richard (Brother)

Unnamed Mother

Weapon Sword
Status Arrested
Prince John was the main villain of Robin Hood, and the false king of England.


Prince John is first enjoying a fresh supply of tax money he had collected from villagers, along with his idiot assistant Sir Hiss. Somehow, Little John, Robin Hood, Sora and others sneak into his convoy and manage to take the gold, then flee after taking out some of John's guards. At his mother's castle he plans "to cheer up" Maid Marian with an archery tournament, that could wind up Robin dead. He contacts Maleficent to inform her of his ideas to eliminate Robin. At the tournament, Robin disguised as a sotrk wins Marian's heart but is discovered then denounces Prince John as a fraud. Hearing this, the Sheriff of Nottingham and his men begin their attack. When villagers mocked the evil king, John raised the taxes and arrested anyone who refused to pay up. John begins thinking up a plan to kill Robin when Friar Tuck is arrested. As his convoys are also destroyed, John fails to notice Kairi's group with Maid Marian in tow aiding Robin, Little John and Sora in rescuing the prisoners. While the breakout goes as planned, the Sheriff is determined to kill Robin by setting the tower ablaze. After a sword fight, the Sheriff is flung out of the tower to his death. Confronting the 2 sword fighters, Prince John went into a rage over his past plans failing and attacked. He was knocked away and Robin and Sora successfully flee. After another mocking, Prince John chases Sir Hiss around his burning castle. He is later shown arrested by King Richard's men while Maid Marian proposes to marry Robin.

In the credits, John and Hiss are working hard labor.

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