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Kana プライド ("Puraido")
Alias "Pride the Arrogant"
Selim Bradley
Type Homunculous
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Avastar
Weapon Shadows
Status Alive

Pride, also known as Selim, is a Homunculous residing in Central City under the command of Raskade in the fan-series Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. He serves as one of the main antagonists of the series, and a boss that is fought several times during the course of the story.


Pride takes the appearance of a small boy. He has untidy black hair and brown eyes, and a somewhat unpleasant demeanor. He wears a white collared shirt covered by a vest and light shorts that touch his knees. When fooling people with his child like appearance, his eyes are round and bright and his voice sounds like a normal childs. He normally has cold looking eyes and a steely, cold, and almost monotonic voice.







Pride as he appears in the 2009 anime of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Pride first made his debut in the manga/anime entitles Fullmetal Alchemist. In the original manga and 2009 anime, he is depicted the way he appears in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts: a seemingly normal child named Selim Bradley who hides his true self.

In the 2003 anime of FMA, Pride's alter ego Selim Bradley is not Pride, instead, his adopted father King Bradley takes the role.

Regardless of his fate in the most recent chapters of FMA, Pride has reappeared in the same form in AKH for reasons unknown.


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Fighting Style

Pride's deadly shadows.

See: Pride (Boss) and Pride's Shadow

Pride rarely relies on himself to fight. Pride will always attack with his Shadow, which he commands at will. His Shadow can take the appearance of a many eyed black mass that can extand small arms and feelers our of it. At high speeds, the Shadows are razor sharp, capaple of cleanly slicing through solid steel. Pride can freely manipulate these Shadows at any distance so long as there's light to cast it. When in complete darkness, the Shadows are useless. Pride can attack and block with them, and normally remains completely calm while in combat. The Shadows do all the work for him. However, in a pinch, Pride may run away or struggle with his true body to prevent himself from harm.

Along with his perfect system of battle, Pride has extreme regenerative abilities, due to being a Homunculous implanted with the Philosopher's Stone. Thus, he takes almost no visible damage when harmed.

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