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Power Level Points, or simply PL, are how the Deathhead Coalition measures the strength of its members. Various characteristics are evaluated, including strength, speed, Limit Breaks and physical and mental constitution. However, it is notable enough to mention that Drive Forms are not included, as only two members can actually drive (though Xeron keeps his secret). However, if a Drive From was included in the evaluation, or if a member's Power Level Points were evaluated while in Drive Form, severe increases would most likely be noted, especially in Xelak's case. When mesuring PL, Xelak's strength is used as a base of 100 to judge the other members.

Current Power Level Points:

Xelak: 100 (Possibly exceeding 120)  

Xeron: 85

Luna: 90

Sole: 95

Spectre: 90 (Potential exceeding 115)  

Rez: 100

Stylia: 60 (Potential exceeding 120)

Comparison to Canon and Other Characters

As the Deathhead Coalition has only recently cropped up in the Kingdon Hearts Legacy universe, many are unsure of how powerful its members are, as comparison among them does not illustarte much. As a comparison, it could be said that Sora, the legendary Keyblader of Light, had an estimated Power Level Point count of 180 when he faced off against Xemnas before returning home. Xemnas himself, one of the most feared beings in the universe at the time, had a PL of 175, almost equal to Sora's, as well as having more experience.

Compared to the more powerful characters, Xelak's PL count, although formidable, pales in comparison. With his PL possibly exceeding 120 due to an unknown method of containment, he is however, a powerful foe to the average Nobody. In La Lutte Pour Presque Rein, Xaelus, the leader, has an estimated PL count of 145 as a Nobody. Joined with his Somebody, Saule, his PL could possibly exceed 175. Xantos, regarded as the brute, is not very near Xaelus in power, at an estimated 125 PL. Troisnyxetienne, one of the better-known and most heartful members of La Lutte, has an estimated PL of between 115-120. Another popular member, known as Xiggie, is estimated to have a PL of 120, along with Xahno, although the latter's abilities make any fight with him more difficult that PL can tell. In his previous form, Xelak Neverowle, then Xelak Wiseowle, had a PL of estimated 75. Axane, the final member of La Lutte, who perished during the Lutte Massacre, was thought to be tougher than she appeared, and had an estimated PL of 80 or 90.

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