Pokémon Isle
Origin Pokémon
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Afterlife
Theme Music Starting Adventure
Battle Music Catch 'M All
Party Member Pikachu

Pokémon Isle is a world that appears in Kingdom Hearts: Afterlife. It is a island located in the Kanto region where all types of wild Pokémon live.


When the friends arrive at Pokémon Isle they realise that they are turned into Pokémons themself. They then suddenly see a giant gascloud and head towards it. There they find Pikachu being attacked by Koffing and Arbok in order from Meowth, but when they see the four they flee. They thank them and joins the party. They soon discover the many Heartless in the world and go to the wise three (Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard) to seek help. They told them that deep into the caverns there is a strong Pokémon who rules over the world. Meanwhile Kuro was talking with Gyrodos to eliminate the weird Pokémons and he accepted.

The friends passed a lake when Gayrodos suddenly rised and attacked them but they got saved by Jigglypuff who slapped him down. She then also joins the party and continue. Underway they encounter a Snorlax who blocks their way so they can't go through. Jigglypuff said to go to Eevee and they did. Eevee told them to collect food (in the form of a mini-game) and bring it to Snorlax. They did and Snorlax moved to eat.

They then encountered Ditto in front of the cave and said that they had to practice on him to get though (and he transforms into you during this battle). After that you are allowed to go in. When they reached the end of the cave they encounter Meowth with Koffing and Arbok and battle them. After defeating them they flee and Mewtwo appears and asks them what their buisniss is here. They say that they are from another world and Mewtwo gets mad and attacks them, being saved by Mew who took the hit of the shadow ball. After they defeated Mewtwo, Mew explains to him that they are good and love Pokémon. Mewtwo appologises and they find the Keyhole in the back of the cave and close it. After that they depart.


Character Designs

The four main characters transform into other Pokémons (from Generation 1) while on this world.


  • Pokémon Isle only featured Pokémons from the first generation.
    • However, Pokémon Isle has the most NPC's.

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