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Kingdom of Plantagenia

Royaume de Plantagénie (Archelonian)

Origin Unsungverse
Capital Saint-Alexandre
Demonym Plantagenian/Plantagonian
Head of State Louis-Philippe I de Lancastria-Plantagenie (King)
Head of Government Alain LaCombe (Prime Minister)
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Official Language Plantagenian Archelonian (Colonial French)
Other Languages Liberien Creole (Haitian Creole)

Tsalagian (Cherokee)
Septiman Bourgognean (Pella Dutch)
Ganonsyonian (Iroquois)
Lusitanian Estremenho (Brazillian Portuguese)
Salvacionian Leonese (Mexican Spanish)
Vinlandic Kalmari (Danish)

Formation Treaty of Naoned (130 BDC/24923 EUC)
Independence Date From Novara-Archelonia (130 BDC/24923 EUC)
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Marche au Supplice
Theme Music Dieu sauve le Roy (National Anthem)



Plantagenia has a total of ten provinces within its current borders (as of 119 DC)


Province Provincial Basis Provincial Capital City Basis
Capital Province New Orleans City Saint Alexandre New Orleans, Louisiana, United States (National Capital)
Nouvelle Archelonia Southern Louisiana & Southern and Central Mississippi Nouvelle Orléans

Metairie, Louisiana, United States

Liberié Central Louisiana Bâton Rouge Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Chacuto Alabama & Florida Panhandle Blois Montgomery, Alabama, United States
Mississippi Arkansas & Northern Mississippi Brucourt Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
Inoca Saint Louis, Missouri & Southern and Western Illinois Ussy Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Tuskgi Western Tennesse, Western Kentucky & Southern Indiana Cantebrigge Evansville, Indiana, United States
Pays Tagali Western North Carolina, Northwestern Georgia & Western Tennessee Bois Rouvay Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Basse Léonie Southern Georgia & South Carolina Crevecœur Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Haute Léonie North Carolina Saint Raphaël Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Galles-Occidentales West Virginia, Southern Ohio & Western Virginia La Biche Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Other Major Locations

Nouvelle Archelonia

Location Basis
Fort Bilocci Biloxi, Mississippi, United States
Lac Richard Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Saint François Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States


Location Basis
Talahasi Talahassee, Florida, United States
Saint Pierre Mobile, Alabama, United States
Tuscalousa Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States


Location Basis
Sources Chaudes Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States
Saint Xavier Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Branville Tupelo, Mississippi, United States


Location Basis
Vaux-sur-Mississippi East Saint Louis, Illinois, United States
Bretteville Springfield, Illinois, United States
Peoria Peoria, Illinois, United States


Location Basis
Richelieu Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Arlette Columbia, Tennessee, United States
Fort Dagobert Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States
Cantorbéry Owensboro, Kentucky, United States

Pays Tagali

Location Basis
Fort de Toulouse Augusta, Georgia, United States
Chatanouga Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
Madeleine Knoxville, Georgia, United States

Basse Léonie

Location Basis
Port Louis Savannah, Georgia, United States
Guéron Athens, Georgia, United States
Résurrection Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Amiral Saint Clair Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Haute Léonie

Location Basis
Bourg-du-Roi Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Julie Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Richardville Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States


Location Basis
Roanoque Roanoke, Virginia, United States
Les Miniéres Huntington, West Virginia, United States
Colbert Charleston, West Virginia, United States

List of Monarchs of the Kingdom of Plantagenia

Name Reign Royal House
Charles I 130-107 BDC

(24923-24946 EUC)

Charles II 107-86 BDC

(24946-24967 EUC)

Édouard I 86-67 BDC

(24967-24986 EUC)

Louis I 67-52 BDC

(24986-25001 EUC)

Philippe I 52-21 BDC

(25001-25032 EUC)

Henri I 21-7 BDC

(25032-25046 EUC)

Henri II 7 BDC-10 DC

(25046-25063 EUC)

Henri III 10-24 DC Lancastria-Plantagenie
Charles III Maximillien 24-34 DC Lancastria-Plantagenie
Nicholas Henri I 34-38 DC Lancastria-Plantagenie
Gaston I 38-72 DC Lancastria-Plantagenie
Philippe II 72-94 DC Lancastria-Plantagenie
Louis-Philippe I 94-100 DC, 105 DC- Lancastria-Plantagenie



The Government of the Kingdom of Plantagenia is heavily modeled on its original colonial masters, the United Kingdom of Novara-Archelonia. It is a Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy under a unitary state. The King of Plantagenia serves as Head of State, and has the right to influence politics, through consultation, encouragement and warnings, as well as the right to remove a leader only with consent of both Parliamentary bodies, laws with which were according according to the Constitution of Plantagenia (written in 24922 EUC)

Like Novara-Archelonia, Plantagenia has three governing branches, the Executive, headed by the King as its Head of State and the Prime Minister as Head of Government, who is elected directly via male sufferage to a 4-year term, renewable once with a four year pause in between (as stipulated in an amendment passed following the Second Great Arcadian War). The Legislative, which is a bicameral organ, with the Lower House being the 105-seat Chambre des Députés, and the Upper House being the 39-seat Senate. Members of either are limited to three 4-year terms. Finally the Judicial are led by the Supreme Court of Plantagenia, of which elected members serve for Life or until resignation.

Political Parties

Party Name Date Founded Ideology
Parti Centriste (Centrist Party)

131 BDC

(24922 EUC)

Social Conservatism
Parti Monarchiste (Monarchist Party)

132 BDC

(24922 EUC)

Parti Libéral-démocrate (Liberal Democratic Party)

131 BDC

(24923 EUC)

Republicanism, Social Liberalism
Parti National Libéral (National Liberal Party)

71 BDC

(24982 EUC)

Liberalism, Provincial Rights
Parti Populaire (People's Party)

53 BDC

(25000 EUC)

Parti Progressiste (Progressivist Party)

50 BDC

(25003 EUC)

Social Democracy
Parti Traditionaliste (Traditionalist Party)

81 BDC

(24972 EUC)

Parti de Libre-échange (Free Trade Party)

71 BDC

(24982 EUC)

Parti du Internationaliste (Internationalist Party)

40 BDC

(25013 EUC)

Parti National-Socialiste (National Socialist Party) 4 DC Fascism

Prime Ministers

Prime Minister Date Political Party
Louis de Waha 24923-24931 EUC Centriste
Bernard Gendebien 24931-24939 EUC Centriste
Stéphane Marcq 24939-24947 EUC Monarchiste
Louis de Celles 24947-24955 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Pierre de Laussat 24955-24963 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Guillaume C.C. Cauvin 24963-24967 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Philippe Villeré 24967-24971 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Thomas Bolling 24971-24975 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Henri Thibodaux 24975-24979 EUC Monarchiste
Pierre Dupré 24979-24983 EUC Libéral-démocrate
André Bienvenue 24983-24987 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Édouard Blanc 24987-24991 EUC Monarchiste
Armand Derbigny 24991-24995 EUC Monarchiste
Alexandre Roman 24995-24999 EUC Monarchiste
Trasimond Landry 24999-25003 EUC Monarchiste
Jean-Baptiste Plauché 25003-25007 EUC Independent
Guillaume Wahis 25007-25011 EUC National Libéral
Guillaume de Gerlache 25011-25015 EUC National Libéral
Charles Mouton 25015-25019 EUC National Libéral
Benjamin de Pelichy 25019-25023 EUC National Libéral
Albert Voorhies 25023-25027 EUC Centriste
David Pirmez 25027-25031 EUC Centriste
Hercule Lambert 25031-25039 EUC Monarchiste
Paul Lambremont 25039-25043 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Thomas Berger 25043-25051 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Fernand Mouton 25051-25055 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Delos Jeanson 25055-25059 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Thomas Wahis 25059-25063 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Albert Leonard 25063-25067 EUC Monarchiste
Jean Breaux 25067-25071 EUC Centriste
R.H. Thonus 25071-25075 EUC Populaire
A.B. Barbanson 25075-25079 EUC Independent
Damien Collet II 25079-25083 EUC Populaire
Édouard Raikem 25083-25087 EUC Monarchiste
Jean Michel 25087-25091 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Hugues Seron 25091-25095 EUC Centriste
J.R. Jones 25095-25103 EUC Independent
Thomas Barret 25103-25107 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Francis de Selys 25107-25111 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Sébastien de Theux de Meylandt 25111-25115 EUC Monarchiste
Jacques de Melin 25115-25119 EUC Monarchiste
Etienne Caire 25119-25123 EUC Monarchiste
Georges Guion 25123-25127 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Guillaume Biver 25127-25131 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Guillaume Claus 25131-25135 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Vincent Marcq 25135-25139 EUC Traditionaliste
Samuel Caire 25139-25143 EUC Traditionaliste
Lucien Lambert 25143-25147 EUC Traditionaliste
Jean-Louis Pirmez 25147-25151 EUC Traditionaliste
Clément de Ligne 25151-25157 EUC National-Socialiste
Michel Seron 25157-25161 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Alain LaCombe 25161-25169 EUC Libéral-démocrate
Jean Georges 25169 EUC-Present Independent


Main Article: Armée Royale de PlantagénieMarine Royale de Plantagénie

The Royal Plantagenian Army is one of the most potent military forces in the Realms, under the King as its Supreme Commander. They consist of the Royal Army (Armée Royale de Plantagénie), and its cadet branch the Plantagenian Air Force (L'Aviation Royale de Plantagénie), and the Royal Navy (Marine Royale de Plantagénie), both are under the purview of the Ministry of Defense. In addition, the Defense Ministry is in charge of its foreign intelligence department, the Agence Centrale de Renseignement (ACR). The Interior Ministry is in charge only of it's domestic intelligence departments, the Agence de Sécurité Rationale (ASR), in charge of Signals Intelligence, and the Bureau Des Enquêtes (BDE), in charge of other intelligence.



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