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Origin Kingdom Hearts: Dynamic Pantheon
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Dynamic Pantheon
Theme Music "This is Sparta!!!"
Battle Music "Fight! Mazinger Z!"
Party Member HerculeZ

Planet DP-71 is the main setting of the spinoff Kingdom Hearts: Dynamic Pantheon.


Having been left for dead on DP-71, Riku becomes involved in a three-way conflict between a supervillain union headed by Dr. Hell, an army of Space Spartans, and a resistance group fighting the former two, joining the latter. Riku later recovers the legendary super robot Mazinger Z and uses it to fight Dr. Hell's Kikaijuu.


The Resistance Base (working name)

The main base of operations for the resistance group fighting Dr. Hell's group and the Space Spartans. It is built on the ruins of the Photon Power Lab where Mazinger Z was kept.


Info to be added...

The Royal Vault (working name)

The Space Spartans store their wealth and riches there, and the fearsome Abashiri Family have tried to steal from it on at least one occasion.

Space Spartan Camp

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A popular bakery/youth center that's a cross between a Japanese maid cafe, a night club, and Raisins. It's name is a pun on "oppai", a Japanese slang term for "breasts", hence all or nearly all the employees being very attractive women, and pies(among other pastries and confections) being some of its signature items.

Gamia's Bathhouse

This place is home to three beautiful demigoddesses known as the Gamia Q. It has an indoor Roman-style pool, a sauna, and a strip club-esque pole-dancing room.

Native Characters

Greek Myth


English Voice Japanese Voice Role
HerculeZ Dwayne Johnson Kiyoyuki Yanada party member
Perseus Sam Worthington Takuma Takewaka party member
Xena Lucy Lawless Mao Ichimichi party member
Leonidas Gerard Butler Joji Nakata party member
Gaia Linda Hunt Reiko Suzuki ally/summon
Ammon Robbie Stevens Yuji Ueda ally
Paynn Jim Ross Ryo Horikawa anti-villain/boss enemy
Panikk Jerry Lawler Toshio Furukawa anti-villain/boss enemy
Calibos Douglas Lawrence Norio Wakamoto villain/boss enemy
Space Spartan


Sean Maguire Joji Nakata villain/boss enemy
Dynamic ProZ Character English Voice Japanese Voice Role Origin
Koji Kabuto Robert Newell Hiroya Ishimaru ally Mazinger Z
Tetsuya Tsurugi Brian Jepson Hiroshi Yanaka ally Great Mazinger
Sayaka Yumi Shaneye Ferrell Ai Uchikawa ally Mazinger Z
Boss Mark X. Laskowski Fumihiko Tachiki ally Mazinger Z
Jun Honoo Heather Kafka Mitsuki Saiga ally Great Mazinger
Cutie Honey Jessica Calvello Michiko Neya party guest Cutie Honey
Kikunosuke Abashiri Ali Hillis Kyoko Tongu party guest/boss enemy Abashiri Ikka
Daemon Abashiri John DiMaggio Kosei Tomita (originally), Shiro Saito (KHDP) party guest/boss enemy Abashiri Ikka
Goemon Abashiri Scott "KaiserNeko" Frerichs Shigeru Chiba ally/boss enemy Abashiri Ikka
Naojiro Abashiri Nick "Lanipator" Landis Tessho Genda party guest/boss enemy Abashiri Ikka
Kichiza Abashiri Curtis "Takahata101" Arnott Taiki Matsuno party guest/boss enemy Abashiri Ikka
Satan's Toenail Rob Mungle Joji Yanami villain Kekko Kamen
Sirene Swimsuit Succubus Atsuko Tanaka boss enemy Devilman
Sister Jill Tara Strong Noriko Watanabe boss enemy Cutie Honey
Dr. Hell John Paul Shepard Kosei Tomita (originally), Hisao Egawa or Haruhiko Jo (KHDP) villain/boss enemy Mazinger Z
Baron Ashura Robert Kraft (male half)

Lanie Fraisier (female half)

Hidekatsu Shibata (male half)

Haruko Kitahama (female half)

villain Mazinger Z
Count Blocken/Brocken Dan Woren Masaharu Sato villain Mazinger Z
Gamia Q Katherine Catmull Ryoka Yuzuki boss enemies Mazinger Z
Archduke Gorgon TC Carson Katsumi Chou boss enemy Great Mazinger
Ankoku DaiShogun Steven Blum Shozo Izuka (originally), Koji Ishii or Naomi Kusumi (KHDP) boss enemy Great Mazinger
Super Kikaijuu Boss English Voice Japanese Voice Greek Mythological Creature Basis
Medouchea Jennifer Saunders Kikuko Inoue Medusa
Krakk Hedder Steve Austin Banjo Ginga Kraken
NemeLeon Keith David Naomi Kusumi Nemean Lion
Hard Boarder Terry Crews Hiroshi Ootake Erymanthean Boar
Hell Haidora Thomas Kretschmann Naoki Tatsuta,

Shigeru Chiba

Lernean Hydra
Kretaurus Jack Black Katsuyuki Konishi Cretan Bull
Psychlops Ken Davitian Masaharu Sato Cyclops
HyperGriff John Cleese Tsutomu Isobe Griffon
Super Robot Pilot(s) Origin
Mazinger Z Koji Kabuto, Riku Mazinger Z
Aphrodite A Sayaka Yumi(initially), Cutie Honey Mazinger Z
Boss Borot Boss Mazinger Z
Venus A Jun Honoo Great Mazinger
Diana A Sayaka Yumi Great Mazinger
Great Mazinger Tetsuya Tsurugi, Riku(sometimes) Great Mazinger


The "DP" stands for Dynamic Pantheon, the game's subtitle, and for Dynamic Planning, the company which owns the license to Mazinger Z and every other work by Go Nagai represented here. It also stands for "Dark Path", one of Gokai's guesses for the official name of "Project Xehanort", which ended up being extremely close to what was announced.

The "71" references the year Go Nagai published Demon Lord Dante(1971), the spiritual predecessor to his breakthrough title Devilman.


  • DP-71 takes many geographical and political elements of modern day Japan and Ancient Greece.
  • GokaiWhite had considered including Getter Robo characters in Dynamic Pantheon, until he decided to save them for a new concept of his called Kingdom Hearts: Getterborn Rising[1].
  • It is implied at one point that Kratos may have once been a former resident of the planet before relocating to Midgard, which, if true, is an allusion to the God of War series' transition from Greek to Norse mythology by 2018.
  • This marks the first time the main story and gameplay of a Kingdom Hearts title is confined to a single world.