Kana フェニックス (Fenikkusu)
Origin Final Fantasy V
Original Name Fenghuang
Alias The Flames of Rebirth
Type Summon Spirit
Role Fire and Wind-Elemental Summon Spirit

Spirit Advisor to Fuu Chao Rin

Age total age roughly 4500 years, current incarnation 17 years old
Home World Eastern Cloud
Family Fuu Chao Rin (host)
Attribute Fire


Status Currently resides in the body of Fuu Cho Rin

Phoenix (Original Name: Fenghuang) is a Summon Spirit from the RP Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy. Known as the Flames of Rebirth, she is the summon spirit for Princess Fuu Chao Rin. Her goal is to cleanse the universe of life in the event that one side grows far too powerful. Because of this, there is much animosity between Chao and Phoenix.

Past Life

Not much is know about the life of Fenghuang, or where he lived before arriving in what would become Eastern Cloud with a few settlers. (Those some speculate he had originated from the Land of Dragons.) Through her careful guidance, and her knowledge in fighting, Fenghuang turned the mountain landscape into what would become one of the mightiest city-states in the modern age. Fenghuang was the first ruling Monarch of Eastern Cloud, and her descendents all the way up to the House of Fuu, would continue to build the world into a powerful and brave fighting force.

Summon Spirit




Fenghuang are mythological birds in Chinese Myth that is said to rule over all birds. It is reffered to as the "Chinese Phoenix" in the West.

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