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The Phantom Blot from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Mickey and the Color Caper (2002)

Mickey and the Color Caper (2002)

Yes, the Phantom Blot is in this Video

Years after his own demise caused by Oswald's Fireworks in Epic MickeyPhantom Blot, or Shadow Blot in Epic Mickey, got resurrected after Lady Tremaine painted him with the Paintbrush she stole from Yen Sid. He now runs the Phantom Blot Industries under Lady Tremaine's supervision

Worlds of Change

  • Pride Rock = Black Panther
  • Bikini Bottom = Kraken


He can shapeshift into any opponent he's against.

Voice Actor

I think that Jeremy Irons is the best voice for him, despite the video I uploaded. Either him or Frank Welker or John O'Hurley.


He has the Blot Rifle

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