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Panty and Stocking
Panty-Stocking-lolis1 4307.jpg
Origin Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Alias Freaking Angels
Type Angels
Role Support Characters
Age Around 17
Home World Daten City
Family N/A
Weapon Swords and Guns
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Panty and Stocking are the support character(s) from Daten City, a world in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance.



Panty has large bright blue eyes that have her golden hair hanging partly in front of them. She is wearing a short, brihgt red formal dress with matching heels that have a strap going over the top. Around her wrists are several golden bangles. She also has hoop earings that match the dress and shoes.


Stocking has very long dark purple hair that has pink stripes. On the inside view of her hair, it is completely pink. She wears a gothic lolita-type dress that is black with white lace on the bottom. A bright blue ribbon ties around her waist, and the bow is seen in the back. Her weapon, which are ironically stockings, are very tall and are striped in black and blue. On her feet she wears completely black shoes


To Be Written ==Weapons stocking has a black ace gun that shoots and stocking has a sword that swings they can be punished by scanty and knee socks while they punished by scanty and knee socks they always having a battle for the first time

Panty And stocking are sexy angels in heaven and panty was kicked out from heaven They should be good angels they have sex