Pang De
Kana ホウ徳 ほう とく
Origin Dynasty Warriors
Alias Stone of Wei
Type Somebody
Role Protagonist
Age 31
Home World China (home place)
Disney Castle (homebase)
Family Pang Hui (son)
Weapon Dual Axes
Status Alive
Pang De is a former warrior from Xi Liang and an officer under Wei.


Pang De serves as one of the main party members of the game. One of his visits to Traverse Town has him telling the fox couple Tod and vixey about his times in Xi Liang and with Ma Chao before he served Cao Cao. Pang De always deemed the Wei cause worthy of his axes. Once Pang De notices the attack on Traverse Town, the guardian knows he cannot let many of his friends from the worlds absorbed into Outworld die. At the end of the adventure, Pang De finds that he has retained a psychic bond with the women he and Cao Cao worked with. Even Sailor Moon agreed with Pang De so the heroines will warn Pang De and his men of any cross world breaches.

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