The Pact Wielders are the collective title given to the people who currently enforce the law of the Pact in Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence. There can only be three Pact Wielders at any one time.


When the original pact was forged, it split into three thirds, one for the Keybladers, Heartless, and Nobodies each. Upon contact with each of the warriors, however, the mere scraps of paper transformed into beautiful weapons, designating the being who held the third of the pact from each faction as a "Pact Wielder", a warrior chosen through fate to defend the ideals and principles outlined in the Pact.


Though the Pact stated many laws, Pact Wielders serve one main purpose: To prevent warfare from ever again breaking out between the three groups. Therefore, Pact Wielders must be honorable, just, and upstanding, and the Pact itself chooses who is best fit to become a Wielder. This can mean that a more than one Wielder can be from the same faction, and that some factions may not have a Wielder at all.


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