Splash 12
Origin Pac-Man (1980)
Role Ally
Age 25
Home World Pac Land
Family Ms Pac-Man (wife)
Pac Junior (son)
Baby Pac (daughter)
Professor Pac (uncle)
Weapon Power Pellets
Rev Rolls
Butt Bounce
Flip kick.
Status Alive
"Yeah...First they chase me, then I chase them, then they chase me...Tracking 'em down'll be just like old times. We're on it!"
—- Pac-Man to Orson before he and Riku begin their search for Blinky and Inky.

A good friend of Riku, Pac-Man has defended his world many times. Now, he is setting off on another adventure to save his world again, and Riku is helping him.

Journal Entries

First Entry

A hero of Pac Land. Pac-Man is often called upon to save Pac Land from some evil villain or the ghosts, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Ckyde, who often cause mayhem. This time, is no different. With an ancient evil released from the Golden Fruit Tree, Pac-Man has been plunged into another adventure and the ancient evil and the Ghosts are determined to stop him.

He first chomped the ghosts in Pac-Man (1980)

Second Entry

Round and yellow, Pac-Man would love nothing more than to spend the day with his family. His twentieth birthday was a disaster, for all of his friends were kidnapped and now, his twenty fifth birthday has been ruined too. United with three former enemies, Pac-Man has set out once more to save Pac Land and the Spectral Realm.

He first chomed the ghosts in Pac-Man (1980)

Third Entry (Summon Entry)

Pac-Man has more courage that all of Pac Land put together. He never turns away from an adventure, no matter how long it takes or how dangerous it is.

He's a good friend of Riku's and is never afraid to help when the boy calls.

He first chomped the ghosts in Pac-Man (1980)



"Details of my sector's energy are between me and Ms. Pac, thank you very much!" - Pac-Man to Orson after the latter says he detects energy in the former's sector.

"Well, at least this birthday is better than my twentieth!" - Pac-Man after he is teleported by Orson.

"Ms.Pac-Man likes me cuddly!" - Pac-Man to Orson after the latter says the former is looking more spherical.

"Hey, Riku! Need my help?" - Pac-Man when summoned by Riku.

"Wack! Wack! Wack! Wack! Wack! Wack!" - Pac-Man eating Pac Pellets.

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