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Oxide is the 15th member of Organization XVIII. He worked with the Organization during the Great War and was later assassinated.


Oxide was originally named Doie (Do-e). He was a brave fighter of the Darkest Rebellion. One day he was ambushed by several Heartless Generals and had his heart taken away. He became a member of the Organization and put away his Blast Blade for later days.

Organization Life

In the Organizition, he was a powerful warrior who would fight any battle for his kind. He fought in the Great War and killed Grim inside the Cavern of Doom. He was then in the Battle of Sacred Gorge where he fought the 3000 Heartless and conqured them. He then became friends with Izral. Him and Izral went on every mission together. Soon after the War, they had a fight over Ella, and Oxide killed Izral, scaring Ella away. He was taken out of the Organization.


He was cought in the Crystal Cavern two days after he was exiled by Grim's older brother Heatach. They fought. Oxide won but let Heartach go. Two months later Heatach made a sneak attack on Oxide and killed him by snapping his neck.

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