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Owen Stevens
Name Owen Stevens
Original Fanon Avastar: Kingdom Hearts
Type Human
Alignment Good
Age 18
Rival Bradley Millar
Weapon World Inversed
Attribute Light
"A modest and self-conscious young man whose only goal is to survive the conflict, so that he may one day be reunited with his lost friends."

Owen Stevens is a character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts originating in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. He fights to protect the Light, opposing Sora and the villains he summoned, with Bradley Millar as his rival. He fights with his original weapon, World Inversed, using speedy combos and powerful light-attributed magic in combat. He does not question why he was summoned, or why he is fighting. His only focus is to survive, so that he can one day be reunited with Stella Miller. He is very modest, and believes he is the weakest of the ten, a trait which is constantly picked on by Owen's nemesis, Bradley MIllar. In the end, Owen finally realizes his true strength, and becomes very head on about ending the conflict, not just surviving it.


Owen does not take a drastic change in contrast to his original design. His clothing, however, has become more like Ventus's, with two diagonal straps crossing his chest, bound together with his necklaces' symbol. His T-shirt disappears, replaced with a tight-fitting bodyshirt.

Owen's Shade counterpart is a greenish turquoise color.

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Owen is known as the Fleeting Flash, a reference to his arsenal of speedy combos and powerful, light-based attacks. He may be the fastest of all the characters. Owen has a fairly balanced arsenal of aerial and ground attacks. In fact, Owen is an extremely balanced character, with a fair arsenal of long and short range attacks, though his short range attacks exceed his long range ones.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Range Obtained Description
Quick Blade
Ground Mid Default
A quick slide forward. If the hit connects, follows with a string of quick combos, ending with a quick strike.
Air Flair
Aerial Short Level 5
A four hit spinning attack accompanied by a small gust of wind.
Strike Raid (ground)
Ground Long Default
Throw weapon at enemy.
Pearl (ground)
Ground Long Level 14
Fires a bead of light that homes in on enemies, causing damage.
Strike Raid (midair)
Aerial Long Level 20
Throw weapon at enemy.
Pearl (midair)
Aerial Long Default
Fires a bead of light that homes in on enemies, causing damage.
Aerial Short Level 29
Spin vertically upward while slashing, then uppercut opponent, knocking them away.
Holy Burst
Ground Short Level 25
Beads of light circle upward around caster.
Ground Long Level 22
Uses alchemy to summon sharp rocks from the ground directed at the opponent.

HP Attacks

Move Type Range Obtained Description
Ars Arcanum
Ground Mid (ADD)
Assail enemies with a string of powerful blows.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Ground Short Default
Assail enemies with a single, blindingly fast Keyblade strike.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Ground Long (ADD)
Fires four pillars of light at the target.
Aerial Short Default
Four beads of light quickly circle around caster.

Brave to HP attacks

Move Type Range Obtained Chains from Description
Aerial Mid (ADD) Air Flair
Summons a mighty whirlwind which drags opponents into the vortex to deal continuous damage
Additional effect: Wall Rush
Ground Long (ADD) Quick Blade
Summons pillars of light which rain down on opponent.
Ground Spike
Ground Long (ADD) Spikes
Uses alchemy to send one large spike upward directly underneath the opponent with incredible speed.

Ex Mode

Wingblade - Summons five phantom blades around Owen, the sixth being his own weapon charged with light. Attacks become quicker and accompanied by several attacks and combos with the "wing blades" (such as spinning and striking). Regen is also activated, which slowly regenerates his HP.

Under development...

Ex Burst

Salvation - Upon pressing the correct button combo, summons many blades of light that circle the field, dealing damage. The blades will simultaneously strike the enemy, and Owen will charge forward, dealing a finishing slash. If the incorrect buttons are pressed, Owen will flash across the field a few times at blinding speed, striking the opponent, then finish by launching his wing-blades at the opponent.


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