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Alias "Other in the room"
Type Unknown
Home World (assumed to be...) Avastar (Morcia City)

The "other in the room" is the title given to the enigmatic person who appeared in Xameron's room in the Mental Hospital in Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. He makes his only appearance when Taymen spots him while visiting Xameron, seemingly invisible to everyone besides Taymen for unknown reasons. He has no speaking parts, his only action being to stare coldly at Taymen. Although it is never addressed in the story, the "other" is confirmed to be male.


The "other in the room" has long, stringy, black hair, and cold, dead looking eyes. His face is hollowed and sunken, and his skin is very pale. He wears the same gray top and bottom that Xameron wears during his time in the ward. Purely speculative, the "other" looks quite similar to Xameron during his time at the hospital, notably the face, and the same cold stare he gives.


"Who's this? He's sitting right there. You mean you can't see him?"
Taymen addresses the existence of the "other" to Xameron, after being ordered to leave.

During the Secret Ending, Taymen goes out of his way to visit Xameron in a Mental Hospital in Morcia City. Taymen attempts to make conversation with his old friend, but Xameron merely screams for him to leave. As he is leaving, Taymen spots the "other in the room" sitting opposite Xameron in a corner of the room. He asks Xameron about the "other", but Xameron makes clear that he cannot see him. The "other" looks up at Taymen, staring coldly, and Taymen leaves without another word.

Over time, however, Xameron will come to notice the presence of the "other in the room", but most likely will shake it off as a hallucination.

Whether the "other in the room" was present during Xameron's "suicide" is unknown.


The "other" may not be another resident of the hospital, as there was no other bed in the room. Also, Xameron comments about the hospital "never letting anyone near him", as well as the door being locked upon Taymen's arrival, suggesting that the "other" is not merely another resident visiting Xameron's room. So it suggests that the "other" may be some kind of entity attached to either the room, or attached to Xameron himself, such as a Nobody.[1]Most likely, the latter is true, noting the "other"'s vague similarities to Xameron.

If one looks carefully during his scene, the "other" is not casting a shadow on the wall from the light of the bright hallway.


  1. LegoAlchemist says... Let me make this clear. The "other" is NOT a Nobody. Do not take "such as" as "he is".

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