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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is King Mickey's older Brother. Unlike in EoKH, 

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

he didn't sent himself to exhile after giving up his life as the King of Disney Castle; In fact, after he decided to step down and lent his crown to Mickey Mouse (because Disney Castle Monarchy wasn't his thing), he made a choice on working with Prof. Ludwig Von Drake as his Intern, Mechanic and personal assistant in Cid Highwind's Workshop. He is still married to Ortensia Sadie Whiskers and is a wonderful father of a lot of Bunny Children. The oldest is his Blue Teenage Lagomorphic daughter Olivera the Rabbit.

First debute

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ~ Trolley Troubles (1927) HD

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ~ Trolley Troubles (1927) HD

Old Ozzie in Trolley Troubles

His first debute was in Trolley Troubles in the year 1927.


  • J. P. Whiskers
  • Brawley the Bear
  • Pete
  • Phantom Blot Industries

Worlds of Change

  • Ostown = His own Classic form
  • Monstropolis = Werewolf
  • Rapunzel's Kingdom = Chameleon
  • Pride Lands = Cobra
  • Sunnyside = Stuffed Rabbit (not food, but a toy)
  • Radiator Springs = Rabbit Car
  • Mushroom Kingdom = Toad
  • Mobius = Crocodile
  • Nottingham = Robber
  • Man Village = Bangel Tiger
  • Petropolis = Brid
  • Ant Island = Pray Mantus
  • Land of Dragons = Chinese Rabbit Soilder
  • Equestrila = Alicron (His Cutie Mark is A Oswald The Luckey Rabbit's Classic Face)
  • Minecraftia = Pig from minecraft
  • Kitcken = A Rabbit Meat
  • Dimmsdale = Fairy Bunny
  • RV = Uncle Grandpa Styled Rabbit
  • Elmore = His Own Classic form in a Goofy Meme Looks
  • Dansville = Human
  • Valley of Peace = Chinese Rabbit Warrior
  • Despicble City = Rabbit Minion
  • Far Far Away The Kingdom = Realistic Rabbit, Talks Like himself
  • Bikini Bottom = Mer-Rabbit
  • The Park = Raccoon Just Like Rigby The Raccoon
  • Land of Ooo = Banana Graud
  • Hyrlue = Himself in Link's Clothes
  • Dreamland = Waddle Dee Rabbit
  • Poke'World = Pikachu or Raichu
  • Looney Tunesville/ Warner Bros. Stuideos = Warner Bros.'s Rabbit Just Like Bugs Bunny
  • Fair City = SuperHero like Alienorind Human
  • 20XX 20XZ = Proto Man of Himself
  • Planet Nakem = Sayin
  • Hokan = Ninja Rabbit
  • Ferdal Japan = Cat,Dog & Rabbit Mix up togethered Human Warrior
  • Metrosville = Astro Rabbit (Helper of Astro Boy)
  • Kimba the White  Lion's Jungly Kingdom of The Jungle = Hedgehog
  • Wild Woods = Rabbit in Paws & Tales:A Antimated Series Style
  • Panda's Side of a Mountainish Chinese Valley = Rabbit in  a Skunk Fu! Style
  • Allidale = Rabbit Snowman
  • Perhistoric Age (Good Dinosuar World) = Cave-Rabbit
  • South Park = Rabbit in a South Park Style
  • Quahog = Family Guy Style of Himself
  • Kong Island/King K.Rool's Ship = Apey Rabbit


His own version of Bowser Jr.'s paintbrush which he named "The Painthinnerator". (Don't ask, Von Drake helped him with that weapon.)


  • Paint Shot
  • Thinner Shot
  • Copter Flight (like in Epic Mikey 2)
  • Karate Kick
  • Karate Punch
  • Remote Shock (shoots electricity)

Voice Actor

Frank Welker still makes a good voice of Oswald, because he did in Epic Mickey 2.

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