Organization Final: The Untold Story
Developer(s) Laurxafinal
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Single Player, Multi Player

Organization Final: The Untold Story takes place during Kingdom Hearts Final. It is about one of the Organization Infinity members. Her name is Xanha. She and two other of the members want to leave the organization, but are afraid of being turned into a dusk.



Kaxrm Replica


Laurxa Replica

Ven Replica

Isa Replica

Master Laura Replica


Xela (OF)




Final Shadows

Traverse Town

Nowhere Island

Destiny Islands


Chapter 1: Hana Xanha's origional Self

Hana is on Nowhere Island searching for seashells. A man in a black coat appears. Hana asks who he is. The man says that she doesn't need to know, because she will soon be killed. The man then takes out a large sword and hits Hana. The man is then shown Nowhere Island handing Xanha a sythe. The two then go to Traverse Town, where the hidout of Organization Infitity is.

Chapter 2: Friends

Xanha is sent on her first mission, with the Isa Replica. The two go to Destiny Islands where they fight a large heartless. After the Mission, the two go to Twilight Town and The Isa Replica buys two sea salt ice creams. The Replica hands Xanha one and the two eat ice cream together. The Isa Replica then asks Xanha if they can be friends. Xanha tells him that they can, even though Xanha has no heart, and so she shouldn't have friends.

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