Organization Final: The Masked Thieves, takes place after Path of the Warrior. Is focuses on the sixth member of Organization Final, Laurxa Final, and a group called, The Masked Thieves, which Laurxa joins.


Chapter 1

Myiny is seen walking along the streets of a large city, what used to be a small town, Redwood. She sees Laurxa enter a small shop, and follows her. Laurxa made sure no one was watching, and took a red gem that was in the store, and quickly left. Myiny did see that though. She portals to the base of the Masked Thieves, and tells Jake that she has found a new recruit for the group of thieves.

Chapter 2

Laurxa arrives at the Final Base. She runs to her room. She carfully inspects the red gem, and says that is the blood gem. She questions why it was in that shop. She hides it away in a small box. She then sees a group of bloodscarce outside the Final Base, and goes outside, and fights them.

List of Characters

Laurxa Final


Lizzie Marz

Jake Marz



Master Laura

Isa Replica





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