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Organization Final
Name Organization Final
Members Xobb








Ven Replica





Role Protagionist

and Antagionist

Story Kingdom Hearts Final

Organization Final:Path of the warrior

Organization Final: Kaxrm's Lie

Organization Final:The future organization final

Organization Final: The Untold Story


One day the secret society Organization Final was meeting. Some of the members stood up and attacked the others taking control of the organization. They started to go on missions regarding the Organization Infinite and discovered many things. Their first base was destroyed in a seige and they got a new one. After several more missions they found Organization Infinitie's base and attacked it. During the battle They found that Organization Infinite was ruled by Xobb the leader of Organization Final orginally. Kaxrm and Zipaxz fought him and almost defeated him but he attacked Zipaxz with a life ending blow that Kaxrm jumped in front of. About to die Kaxrm told Zipaxz that he would take him and jumped up and attacked Xobb one more time. As he died he said"Guys....Next time we meet....Don't hold back."Before disapearing It has a sequel called Path of the Warrior.
Battle against Xobb

Kaxrm and Zipaxz attack Xobb


No. I The Omnipotent Ruler Xobb

No. II Xela

No. III Xaleh

No. IV Leex

No. V The Bloody Warrior Kaxrm

No. VI The Sand Beserker Laurxa

No. VII The Sneaking Illusionist Gellax

No. VIII The Scheming Cook Zipaxz

No. IX The Replica Ven Replica

No. X The Pure Heartless Bethy

No. XI The Young Sorcerer Vaxdis

No. XII Krixen

No. XIII Hoxtams The 2 year old

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