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Kana オレベル (Oreberu)
Type Somebody
Role Antagonist
Age Early 20's
Home World Unknown
Weapon Trident, Water Harpoon
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Orebelle is the Somebody member of NOVA, representing the Realm of Light in Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos. She acts as Zero's assassin, often doing the Nobody's dirty work. She weilds the element of Light, conjuring liquid solar energy to wipe out her enemies. Orebelle's use of the Light element is different from past incarnations in that she uses physical, naturally occurring light, rather than the force.


Early Life

Orebelle was born on an unknown world, where she was raised by her father, an alcoholic and drug addict. She grew up with very little money for her basic needs. As her world's government collapsed, things began to get worse. As the black market deteriorated, drugs became scarce and her father went into withdrawl. In fits of rage, he would abuse his daughter, leaving physical and emotional scars that still linger with Orebelle to this day.


Orebelle has a slender and beautiful figure, contridicting her cold and ruthless heart. Her straight black hair falls over her eyes and shoulders, accenting her steel blue eyes. Over her torso, Orebelle wears a black tank top, the tail of it falling over the top of her tan shorts. Over her feet, she wears black gum boots.


As an assassin, Orebelle is cold-hearted and lacks basic sympathy. In many ways, she acts more like a Nobody than Zero, pushing her feelings aside when on the job. Although physically powerful, Orebelle is also quite clever and has proved herself to be a skilled tactician, her strategies becoming harder to outmaneuver with each battle. Her preferred method of attack is channeling her abilities of Light into dark manuevers that were before thought to be impossible.


  • Orebelle has deep connections with Omicron, a major fourth story arc villain. Not much light has been shed on their relationship, however the creators of Blooms of Chaos have hinted that they will be at odds.
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