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The Order of the Key is an organization lead by Omicron in Kingdom Hearts: Enigma Pacman. They train Keybearers to fight against the Prial Fears. It was founded 30 years after the events of Kingdom Hearts Legacy.


When the Primal Fears started to show up and terrorize the worlds, the legendary Keybearer Sora ordered his apprentices Omicron and Lectus to find and train every Keybearer they could find. They moved into the empty Lock's Fortess in Radiant Gardens and formed the Order there. Then, they started searching for the children who wield the Keyblades. They found 20 of them and began training them, like their master had told them.


Teacher: Omicron

Teacher: Lectus


No. 1 - Carey Montaunc

No. 2 - Roman Brock

No. 3 - Riulo Palazzo

No. 4 - Marcus Bradford

No. 5 - Quintus Ulysses

No. 6 - Veriah Liun

No. 7 - Livelle DeMoire

No. 8 - Lea Chappu

No. 9 - Anette Thornetz

No.10 - Hikari Kanesada

No.11 - Regis S. Urchin

No.12 - Ofelya Yorghes

No.13 - Dreizehn

No.14 - Lucrez Morregio

No.15 - Mobius Morbus

No.16 - Juno Ghastly

No.17 - Finster Jolly

No.18 - Vestra Turunen

No.19 - Bastian Balthasar

No.20 - Laykah Abendstern

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