Opscurum, Lord of Darkness
Dark Lord
Origin Kingdom Hearts 3
Alias The lord of darkness
Type Shadow
Role Dark Lord
Age Immortal
Home World The Realm of Darkness
Status Alive
Opscurum is the ruler of the realm of darkness and the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series. He is also the one repsonsible for Xehanort's obsession with darkness.


Opscurum wears a black cloack, has red eyes and has the appearance of a skeleton.


Opscurum is the embodiment of darkness. He is an emotionless and uncaring spirit. Much like his apprentice Xehanort, he believes darkness is the heart's true essence.


  • Opscurum is inspired by Sauron, the main antagonist of Lord of the Rings.
  • Opscurum means "Low" in Latin.

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