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Sexy Olivera from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Olivera the Rabbit
 is Ortensia and Oswald's 19-year-old daughter and the one & the Eldest of Oswald's bunny children. She also works as a spy of the 'Knights of the Mouse Table' (a Group of Keybladers, Keywandoliers, Keygunners and other heroic somebodies where she, Max, Goofy, RacsMickey, Kim, Donald, Oswald, Moddie, Elmer, Yen Sid, Leon, and Sora participate). She also has a severe crush on Sora, but he wasn't interested in the relationship because he doesn't wanna tick off Kairi. . . nor his mother. She can also be a Manizer as she can "play Patty-Cake" with any man in Traverse Town as she pleases.

Worlds of Change

  • De Vil Manor = French Poodle
  • Highland, Ca = Human
  • Hair Tower = Falcoln
  • Mobius = Gizoid
  • Mushroom Kingdom = Koopa Troopa
  • Jon Arbuckle's Neighborhood = French Poodle
  • Notre Dame = Gypsy
  • Jungle of Rhythm = Toucan
  • Monstropolis = Camouflage Dragon (like Randall Boggs)
  • Pride Rock = Lioness
  • Rio, Brazil = Bule Marca
  • Ostown = Her own Classic form Wearing a diaper Over a Sexy Lady's Red Skinny Dress
  • Nottingham = Princess Wolf
  • Ant Island = Moth
  • San Franisco, CA , The Tanner House = Realistical Human
  • Never land = French Poodle Outfit
  • RV = Littlest Youngest 2-Year Old Girl
  • Wonderland = Queen of Hearts Rabbit

Voice Actress

Selena Gomez


Her Duo of Glatling Keys and her Gadgets.


Karate Technique

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