Oh-Ken Racer
Name Oh-Ken Racer
Type of Vehicle Ohranger Mecha
Driven by Sora, Gokai Red
Special Abilities Combines with Won Tiger or GokaiOh
Gained by Retrieve the Ohranger Keys

OhKen Racer.jpg

Oh-Ken Racer (王拳レーサー Ō Ken Rēsā) is a brand new vehicle obtained by Gokaigers during their first battle with Demonizer. It also transforms into a small mech with a passing resemblance to Red Puncher.


  • Buster Won Tiger- Oh-Ken Racer's combination with Won Tiger.
  • Buster OhRan GokaiOh- functions like Deka GokaiOh, but much stronger and launches flaming fists.

Buster Won Tiger.jpg

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