Type God
Role Summon
Age Unknown
Weapon Zantetsuken
Attribute Death
Status Alive

Odin is a summon in Dividing Lines. He is found in the Fields of Home.


Ultimate Man

After excaping from the Union of Systems in Act II, Johnny finds a peculiar sword in his basement. Nearby is a note that says to bring it to the Mountain Lake. Johnny brings it up to the lake and the sword flashes. Johnny drops the sword and a demonic-looking knight walks over to it and picks it up. The knight turns to Johnny and prepares to fight him. He becomes a summon after Johnny defeats him.

The Last Cycle of War

Odin appears as the preequip summon for Lightning.


Odin is a "One-Time Summon," meaning his attack is only used once. His main attack, Zantetsuken, has a 50% chance to instantly kill any enemy. If the enemy cannot be instantly killed, he instead performs Gungnir, which deals massive dark damage.

Odin is fought as a boss after bringing the sword to the Mountain Lake. This adds to the difficulty of the fight, as Johnny is very vulnerable in the water. Odin can move quickly due to Slepnir and his attacks have above average reach.


  • Odin was originally going to have a boss fight before obtaining him.

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