Origin Goldfinger (1964)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World James Bond Universe
Weapon Bowler Hat

Brute Strength

Status Dead
Oddjob is the strong yet mute henchman of Auric Goldfinger.


Oddjob is first seen knocking James Bond out and leaves to murder Jill Masterson for letting Auric Goldfinger lose at gambling. At a golf course, Sora and his allies meet Oddjob and the young keyblade fighter begins to dislike Oddjob, because of both his frightening hat, and muteness. After the golf game is won by Bond, Oddjob shows why Auric wants him out of his affairs by decapitating a statue with his bowler hat. Before driving Goldfinger away, Oddjob shows his strength by crushing a golf ball. As the attempt to spy on Goldfinger goes wrong, Oddjob heads out with some men to intercept. After killing Tilly Masterson, he captures Bond and Sora, while Kairi, Riku, Goofy and Donald escape. At Goldfinger's Kentucky residence, he shows Bond and Sora to their cell, then later on has them meet Goldfinger. Oddjob holds a card to confirm his boss wants the two heroes. At Fort Knox, Goldfinger traps Bond, Sora, Oddjob and Kisch with a nuclear bomb while the rest of Sora's friends and the CIA fight off Goldfinger's army. After killing Kisch, Oddjob heads down to fight Sora and Bond. After a long fight, Bond electrocutes Oddjob when he goes to get his hat free from a security fence.

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