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Occidere Way
Kana ああデレウェイを参照してください (Ā dereu~ei o sanshō shite kudasai)
Alias Ocy
Type Human
Age 24
Home World Land of Departure
Weapon Dual Keyguns
Attribute None
Status Alive

Occidere Way is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. She is a pupil of Master Axen.



Occidere wears matching black shorts and a sleeveless shirt. She has straps and patches on her shirt with ammo, and her shirt has a high collar. Coupled with her hat, it is very difficult to see her face and read her emotions.


Occidere is a very different type of person; she tends to be cold and aloof in social meetings, but takes joy in fighting. One might even call it bloodlust.

Powers and Abilities

Dual Keyguns

Occidere has a unique Key weapon; her Keyblade morphs into dual guns that she uses to shoot the energy found in a strike with a Keyblade.

Fighting Style

Occidere is an eccentric fighter; she mostly stays in the background, fighting at long range, but has a berserker style of fighting when enemies get close to her.


  • Occidere's name is Latin for way to kill, which is an allusion to her destructive manner.

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