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Oberon was a Keyblade Master from the time of the last great Keyblade War against the Eternal Dark Empire, one of the members of the council and strong advisors. Whilst trying to seek out answers to defeat the Shadow Emperor, the Keyblade Master received an unexpected visit from Aeon in secret to seek out a potential ally who could help them win the war, a former acolyte named Karas who turned against his master and helped a fellow key blade wielder Leah. Without questioning the Celestial Guardian's wishes, he did as he was told and astonished to find a Kage-Shin gone rogue and retained his former self, knowing the others would reject him for his actions but willingly covered up his origins and helped taught him how to use true magic and the power of the Keyblade before he would be ready to face the Shadow Emperor for the final battle.

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