Name Noxel
Number VIII
Title The Lion of Deceipt
Original Name Leon
Home World Hollow Bastion (alternate reality)
Weapon Dishonor (Gunblade)
Element Fire
Magic Fire
Limit Breaks Fated Circle
Drives None
Status Deceased

Noxel is the Nobody of Leon, created in an alternate universe. He is the Number VIII of the Midnight Syndicate and has the title of "The Lion of Deciept". This is because he is very skilled at playing mind games with his opponents as he fights them.


In an alternate universe, Squall Leonhart surrendered his Heart to Darkness in order to defeat Ultimecia. As his Heartless and Nobody defeated her, however, the dying Sorceress struck the Nobody with her most powerful attack, "Time Compression".

Rather than stranding him outside of the space-time continuum, it merely transported him into the Kingdom Hearts Legacy universe.

Unable to remember anything of his past except for part of his surname -- "Leon" -- Squall's Nobody was eventually found by Zolgbex of the Midnight Syndicate. Zolgbex performed the naming ceremony, and Squall's Nobody was thus named "Noxel".

After Thraxganb joined the Syndicate, the two became partners. However, after Noxel was accused of betrayal a few months later, Thraxganb executed him.

After Noxel's death, Roxian took his place in the Syndicate.


Noxel is largely unskilled with magic barring the Fire Element, as most of his abilities involve swordplay.


Fire Element


  • Combo Plus (x3)
  • Air Combo Plus (x3)
  • Combo Boost
  • Air Combo Boost
  • Draw
  • Jackpot

Fated Circle

Noxel's Limit Break, the Lion of Deceipt strikes one foe with a combo of four to six hits before leaping into the air for a shockwave that damages all opponents. Costs 40 MP to perform.



"Whatever." (Victory)

"Pointless." (Victory)

"I... lost?" (Defeat)

"Fated Circle!" (When using Fated Circle)

Outside of Battle

"So Thraxganb, what's our mission?"

"Liar! I would never betray the Syndicate!"

"I trusted you -- considered you a friend! How can you turn on me like this?!"

"Damn you... DAMN YOU ALL!!!"

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